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We Have Permission To Re-Open


The School of Hope has permission to reopen soon. We’ve been wanting to hear those 9 words so badly. We are so excited to be close to starting in-person classes with a hybrid model, and seeing all those little faces that we missed so much.

Nancy, our Technical Director in the Education Team has been outstanding, working closely with the Guatemalan Educational authorities. She made sure they followed up on our paperwork so we could open as soon as possible.

Over the last year, our team has found the strength to continue providing and adapting our services, ensuring that our students are not defined by their economic situation but by what they are able to achieve.

Despite being in close contact with our families over the last year, it is only when we are able to see students in-person that we will really understand what has happened to them over the last 14 months and what they will need going forward. We will see the effects of the pandemic. Academics, social support, adapting to school again, overcoming fear and trauma, there will be a lot to do. But knowing we will soon see them, hear them, reach them, we can start moving forward together. It is a bit like coming to the end of a marathon to realize you have to climb a mountain whose trail and terrain is still unknown. But we are prepared for the ascent. In everything we do, we continue striving for a more equitable future for all.