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The School of Hope has been nominated for an Excellence Accreditation!


Excellence Accreditation

Since the pandemic began, our Educational Administration Team has worked fiercely to ensure that our students have access to learning. A huge part of that work has been the provision of remote learning, but another side to the coin is the unseen, inexhaustible preparation, paperwork and planning that gave The School of Hope permission for the hybrid learning programme. 

Our Education Technical Director, Nancy is at the heart and soul of this preparation. Her persistence, resilience and preparedness hugely impressed MINEDUC (Ministry of Education) and MSPAS (Ministry of Health). Her work meant that we were one of the first 100 Guatemalan schools, alongside prestigious private schools, that were allowed to re-open.

MINEDUC’s local superintendent is so impressed with our program that we have been nominated to apply for Excellence Accreditation.  As well as our hybrid-school preparations they commented upon our high scores on the 9th grade standardized tests, and our stability as an educational institution. Obtaining Excellence Accreditation is a lengthy process and few schools in Guatemala have yet been nominated or selected. 

Now re-opening permission is achieved, Nancy has a new mission!  She’s leading the committee to submit all the paperwork to apply for the certification. It’s no mean feat as The School of Hope will be graded in nine categories against tough criteria.  These categories include: human resources, curriculum development, policies, administration, infrastructure, strategic planning, data/feedback management, and teacher training.  And even then, if we are approved for the certification it’s a two year implementation and observations process in order to obtain Excellence Accreditation. So, Nancy has her work cut out in a future full of multiple and complex MINEDUC paperwork juggles, but we know that she’s exactly the right person for the job!