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Meet our auto-mechanic students: building futures for themselves one car at a time . . . Thanks to a generous grant from The Foux Foundation!!


From graduates to professionals - our aspiring mechanics and students of EFTC´s scholarship programme.


Having graduated from the School of Hope in October 2019, 15-year old Jennifer has embarked on a new adventure studying auto-mechanics, a job that in Guatemala is still a male dominated profession. She is the only female in her class, but this is not stopping Jennifer, who is interested in how cars work and has always enjoyed assembling things. She is confident about her own skills: “No matter what people say, I know I am capable of doing this because I have the same capabilities as everyone else and I can learn.”

Jennifer is loving every second of her courses, especially maths, as she likes to analyse problems. She wants to gain further experience outside of academia, so she is volunteering at a mechanics workshop close to where she lives. She hopes to turn this into a full-time job one day.

Jennifer is determined to continue her studies at university, because this will take her one step closer to achieving her dream of opening her own workshop. She knows that this will take years of hard work and saving money, but she is determined to reach her goal. A business to call her own is worth the effort, as it would allow her to support her family and community. 


Studying auto mechanics is an appealing career field for students in Guatemala, as it often offers good employment opportunities. Nixon, a 17-year-old School of Hope graduate, is currently in his second year of auto-mechanics. Last year he completed an internship as part of his studies and got a chance to apply his learning outside of the classroom. Getting work experience reassured him about his career choices and motivated him to work even harder. His favourite subject is mechanical technology, because he likes to understand how cars work. Nixon also wants to attend university, as this would be a valuable stepping stone in his path towards a career at a big company like Toyota. Like Jennifer, Nixon wants to secure a job to be able to help his family. 

Family support is a big factor driving the education of 17-year old Kevin, another EFTC-graduate and auto-mechanics student, who wants to help people by fixing their cars in case they break down. Continuing his studies in a big school outside of Jocotenango was not an easy step for him but one he was determined to take. He has already discovered a way to utilise his love for drawing in the technical drawing class where he can draw cars and their parts. Kevin wants to study mechanical engineering at university in order to open his own workshop in the future and make his family proud. 


Jennifer is the first female graduate from The School of Hope studying to become an auto-mechanic. By building a career in the field she is passionate about and breaking the stereotypes of gendered jobs she is paving the way for all our future-graduates with aspirations. Together with Nixon and Kevin, she is part of our scholarship program supported by sponsors that aims to not only secure a better future for the students but also their families and our community. 


By becoming a sponsor, you are investing in the future of students such as Jennifer, Nixon, Kevin and hundreds of other students. Helping them realise their dreams and create a brighter future.


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