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Meet Escar and Adriana


We’re delighted to introduce two new directors to the school of hope. Escar Luch who heads up our Junior High programme and Adriana Segura who is our new Director of Education. We caught up with them in the midst of their busy first month at the school to get to know them a little better:

1. Why did you decide to apply to work at the foundation?
Escar: Because I'm really interested in Paulo Freire's concept of Popular Education and work with children from vulnerable areas. I'm also really interested in working towards social justice so that children from such areas should have the same development opportunities as others.

Adriana: My life goal is to help the children and young people in my country and I've always dreamt of working with, and supporting, a community like Jocotenango. When I saw the opportunity at the School of Hope and investigated what they were doing, I realised that it aligned with my life goals!

2. Where in Guatemala are you from and what are your favorite things/passions about your hometown?
Escar: I'm from the capital, Guatemala City, but I currently live in Mixco. One of my favourite places is a nature reserve, known for its biodiversity, called Cerro Alux. I've discovered Mixco has delicious chicharrones (similar to pork scratchings) and chocolate. In Guatemala City, I like to visit the historical Mayan mounds within the grounds of the Miraflores Museum because I feel at peace. Sometimes I visit them with my family and then afterwards we usually go to San Lucas for a delicious chicken soup and corn atole, (a traditional Central American drink made with corn, milk and cinnamon).

Adriana: I am from Guatemala City and I really enjoy spending time with my family, my partner and my friends. I particularly enjoy helping my mum and making sure she is doing okay. I love trying new places such as restaurants. My favourite foods are asados (roasted/barbecued meats done on a grill) and seafood. I also love lemonade and I think any opportunity is good to enjoy a lemonade.

One of my favourite places in Guatemala is Antigua. I wanted a chance to be able to come and live in such a beautiful place and it's for this reason that I was looking for jobs in Sacatepéquez . I also started dating, and got engaged to my best friend and now is my fiance in Antigua. Our goal is to live here after marrying and that's what makes this department a very special place for me.

3. Outside of work what do you enjoy doing?

Escar: I like to play basketball, read interesting and motivating books, do a little bit of exercise, dance and to watch a good movie.

Adriana: I like going out to eat and getting to know new places but I also enjoy spending time alone. One of my favourite things to do outside of work is watching TV series whilst snacking! I love everything to do with beauty and I take any opportunity I can to go to the salon or buy beauty products. My mum, partner and I have a plan of visiting new places every weekend and those moments are very special for me.

4. What are you looking forward to in your first few months of working for the foundation?

Esacr: I'm looking forward to working as a team with teaching staff to provide EFTC's students with the care and support that is required for their development.
Adriana: I hope to learn as much as I can about the Foundation and to know more about the students and teaching staff. I also want to get to know their skills and likes and for them and the rest of the team to get to know me as well.