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International Women's Day is every day at EFTC


In Guatemala, development is still hindered by unemployment, poverty, limited access to education and significant differences and gaps between urban and rural areas. In a country where almost 70% of the population is under 30 (Smith, Dent ent. 2018 “Guatemala Population Dynamics”) and females make up 50% of the population, young women can become the leaders of change to reshape the future of the country as a whole. 

Our EFTC community is made up of inspirational women, all working towards a better future in their societies and for Guatemala. When 219 female students step through the doors of our School every day they split into their classrooms to study topics such as mathematics, literature, and English. They have time to play with their friends and engage in healthy competition with their peers through sports. They cheer for and support each other, building relationships that make our School community what it is. This is their daily routine, reality, and something to look forward to. 

All our students are encouraged to create their own path and follow their dreams. Our confident and independent female graduates have continued to high school and university, and are studying topics such as accounting, education, law, biology, computer science, fashion and medicine. They work hard both within and outside the classrooms to become employable professionals in their respective fields. The achievements of these students are ones to be celebrated, because when these young girls grow into hardworking and driven individuals they are creating a more equal Guatemala for everyone.

The EFTC community goes beyond our students. Behind every single one of them, we have a motivated teacher and staff member, most of whom are working towards a second degree at university in addition to teaching. Unlike other sectors the NGO world is often dominated by hard working women; of our almost 60 staff over 75% of them are female. It is not only our employees who support and educate our students, but also their mothers at home. Which is why on International Women’s Day we celebrate each and every single one of them.

In a country where the process of inclusion is far from complete and access to education is not the reality for everyone, we want to provide our students with the tools to become independent and empowered individuals; voices of change in their communities. By ensuring equal opportunities to all our female students we allow them to build a future for themselves and become leading examples for their younger siblings, families and wider communities. To make this dream a tangible reality, no matter what path they’re on, EFTC will stay with them every step of the way.