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High school student, avid reader and football referee: meet Edwin, a student of many talents


17-year old Edwin is currently in high school studying tourism and hotel management and has a dream that exceeds the borders of Guatemala and is motivating him in his studies. After they graduate from The School of Hope, we support our students along every step of the path they decide to follow. Volunteering with us is one of the ways our students give back and gain some fundamental skills that can be used later in life. 


Our football tournament has been running for the whole month of February and is currently heading towards finals. All of our students cheer for their peers playing in the field. Being a referee is not always an easy task, as the rules of the game are not familiar to everyone. That’s why Edwin is there, and he has successfully upheld fair play and kept a smile on each player’s face throughout the tournament. In addition to working hard to graduate from high school and refereeing, Edwin also assists our teachers in the classroom with various tasks. He has many beautiful memories from his time in the School, so he enjoys returning here to volunteer. 

Edwin’s choice of study is driven by his interest in communicating with people and reading about other countries and cultures. His favourite subject is English, and he tries to use it as much as possible to improve his language skills. He visits the School almost everyday to meet his friends and to use our computers for his studies. “And for Google Translate”, he adds with a grin.


Even though Edwin has enjoyed being a football ref, he has different career plans for after he graduates in October. He hopes to continue his studies in university and his program of choice is Communications, as he is interested in photography and videography. Combined with his courses on tourism, he hopes to make good use of these skills after university and become a hotel and restaurant manager in France. Travelling is an as yet unfulfilled passion of Edwins, Paris in particular is one of his dream destinations. He wants to open his own hotel in the city one day. Graduating from high school later this year will bring him one step closer to this dream.

Edwin is one of more than 200 further education students. These students are supported by the generosity of EFTC sponsors. To learn more about how you can invest in the futures of our students, like Edwin, email our Sponsorship Coordinator at or go to the Sponsor section on our website.