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From The School of Hope to City Success: The journey of Carlos Escalante


Carlos’s story is truly one to be celebrated here at EFTC. A determined student he studied his way through times of instability, living in a safe house, to today living in Guatemala City and supporting himself financially. Living and working in the city, although only an hour or two away, is a different world from where our students grow up.

When you last heard of Carlos, he was in the middle of his studies motivated by his dream of helping underprivileged children get access to education. Carlos himself started studying in the School of Hope at the age of 15, after his mother left him and his four siblings with family in Guatemala as she moved to the United States. A year before university, Carlos was left completely alone as his siblings moved away with their grandmother. Even though Carlos’s family split up multiple times, he remained a diligent student and was able to overcome these difficulties thanks to his motivation, resilience and the support of EFTC.

Luckily Carlos’s hard work paid off in university, where he received a scholarship awarded to the top ten students out of almost two thousand applicants. This scholarship together with the holistic support of EFTC allowed Carlos to achieve his dreams and graduate fully in 2019.

By successfully graduating Carlos has achieved the qualifications he needs to be able to move out into the professional world. Only a couple of years ago Carlos studied full time as well as working 9 hours a day, 4 days a week just to earn £135 a month. As a graduate, successfully employed in his field of study Carlos now earns above minimum wage. This is over £500 a month plus benefits, a drastic improvement both financially and professionally. During his studies Carlos completed courses in mathematics, physics and natural sciences; as a full-time teacher he now gets to teach these topics to children on a daily basis. He is very passionate about his occupation and wants to ensure the best possible education for all his students.

Carlos is proud of these achievements and he is grateful to the Foundation for having believed in him. His life now has a different course. He has plans for the future, which include studying for a Master’s degree in university, and wants to continue excelling to help his family.

Carlos is a perfect example of where hardwork and dedication can take you, and his journey will continue to inspire us and especially our Further Education students studying hard for the realisation of their dreams.