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From EFTC Ambassador to passionate fisherman: the many ways in which Malcolm supports EFTC


Malcolm Richards, as a father, the Chair of the Worcestershire Association of Governors and the Divisional Director of Engage Specialty Ltd. holds many roles however, what we know him best as here is as a Business Ambassador for EFTC (and a friend to many at the Foundation).

Malcolm first became associated with EFTC after running into Sophie Mckee (founder and ex-director) at a conference, where she managed to persuade him to find out more about our project and The School of Hope. That is her skill, finding like-minded people who already believe in the mission at the core of EFTC and persuading them to work alongside us to ensure access to quality education & support, and a brighter future. 

Malcolm has organised a number of fun fundraisers over the years, on top of his role as an EFTC Ambassador. A key theme to these events is the involvement of his family, who have truly taken EFTC to heart. Back in 2011 Malcolm's daughter raised awareness and funds for us at her school King Edwards. Now this year Malcolm and his soon to be son-in-law George organised an event “Esox for EFTC”. Malcom has truly gotten his whole family “hooked” (pun intended) on supporting our students at The School of Hope.


So how did this mystery fishing competition go…



After some testing conditions Malcolm and George both set new personal bests for pulling up their Esox. George’s best was a feisty 12 llbs + which gave him some tremendous runs before finally coming aboard.

Malcolm eventually managed to land the biggest fish of the challenge.

Donate and guess the weight here!

So study the half picture and get your guesstimate in for the final reveal on November 12.


The signed copy of ‘My Red Letter Days’ by fishing legend Matt Hayes is waiting for the winning cast!