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Fighting For Women's Rights In Guatemala


Every March 8th we commemorate International Women's Day, an important day in the fight against gender inequality. For us, highlighting this important day and teaching our community about the struggles all girls, young women and women go through in our society is crucial. Outside of the School of Hope, each student has to face and overcome oppresion due to the patriarchy. 

At EFTC, we believe the first step is having a team of powerful and intelligent women! We are proud to show our students a team of strong, proud, resilient and effective international women. In our UK office over 80% of our team are female. We’re proud to champion and improve the rights of women and girls in Guatemala and we put their stories at the heart of everything we do.

In Guatemala, our team is led by Project Director Sara Miller and over 75% of our Guatemalan staff are female.










On #InternationalWomensDay, Tuesday 8 March, our students, female staff and teachers created a mural taking part in the fight for women's rights and highlight the issues that continually affect women. In Guatemala violence and discrimination against women and girls is a daily reality, whether it is in the streets or at home.


To combat these destructive norms we teach our students to take up space, create art, and understand that we are here for each other. We're working every day to create a community of strong young women, teaching them that catcalling and violence is not ok in any circumstance.


Our female students have so much to share to the world... from expressing themselves through clothing without being catcalled to become professionals in the future. Our students are ready for a change and so are we! Support women's right every day!