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Dreams to reality: From a student to a young professional


All of the School of Hope students come from different backgrounds and need support from our Foundation throughout their studies for a brighter future in their aspired fields. Some students have clear career plans when they join our School, and this is what motivates them to work hard throughout their studies. 20-year-old Rocío is one of these students.


Rocío has been certain about wanting to study architecture in high school after being inspired to explore her creativity further. This is also the field she wants to work in after her studies. At the end of 2019 she graduated with a diploma in technical and construction drawing. With the knowledge she had gained, she was confident to continue her studies. She has been enrolled in architecture at University since January of this year, building on her existing skills. Technical construction, which includes building model houses, is still her favourite course in university.


Rocío is not only a kind and considerate individual but also a very driven student, and she definitely gets things done.” says School of Hope’s Professional Guidance Counselor Gabriel, who has been supporting Rocío with her career plans throughout her studies. He has seen Rocío’s skills in practice through her coursework in high school and is confident that Rocio will continue to succeed in her career. She is currently applying for a scholarship which would take her all the way to a university in Spain later this year.


Rocío recently got some work experience in her field by working for a real estate agency. She went to the office everyday to design floor plans and blueprints. “I really enjoyed the experience, because I got to use my skills in practice and share my ideas.” With a job in the field she has been studying for since high school, she truly became a young independent professional. Employment also took her one step closer to a full-time career in architecture which for her would include building and designing houses in Guatemala. She also wants to return to EFTC to help: “I got so many friends through the Foundation and it’s like my family, so I want to give back.” Rocío is the oldest child of her family and thus is leading by example and showing her four younger siblings where motivation can take you.


For the past month our blog has featured some of the students in our Further Education program supported by EFTC sponsors. Rocío’s story is another one to be celebrated, as she has been building a career in the field she loves for years and will continue to do so. By sponsoring a hardworking and determined student like Rocío, you are not only investing in their future but that of their communities. 


To learn more about our Sponsorship program, email our Sponsorship Coordinator at or go to the Sponsor section on our website.