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Catch-Up Life Line For Our Determined Students


Over the last year, our High School students have fallen drastically behind academically due to the school closures. An initiative determined to close that gap is our 12 week Saturday School programme attended by 49 highschoolers.

Since its launch in February, students have been relieved to know that each Saturday they will receive dedicated help and the chance to see the friends that they have missed so much.

Overseen by our Head of Further Education, Patty, 3 tutors delivered 48 hours of maths, accounting, computer skills and physics.  They were assisted by Edwin from our Operations team who prepared a snack and made sure everything was cleaned and sanitized. Our IT coordinator, Mauricio, also gave computer skills tutoring.

Attending students are mainly 1st year high-schoolers with 19 from the 2021 graduating high school class who requested support in entrance exams for USAC (San Carlos University). These students are determined and excited to attend university next year.

During the programme we were so pleased with participation and engagement that we decided to incorporate more activities. These included motivational sessions and meetings for our 9th grade students and access to technology and internet for our university students.

Angelica and Sonia are studying biology in high school and are using their break-time to complete an assignment, using the opportunity to figure it out together. A simple and enjoyable learning strategy that has been all but wiped out by remote learning.

Mynor loves being able to ask questions and get face-to-face help with his homework because he is sometimes confused about his assignments and is alone at home trying to figure them out.

The programme completed on 29 May and we’re been delighted by its impact. We’re looking to roll-out similar Saturday School initiatives for younger School of Hope students later this summer.