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Sponsor a Student

The School of Hope has grown tenfold since its inception in 2003. Purchasing books and equipment, paying teachers' salaries, providing nutritious meals each day. Student sponsorship is the life-force which powers the work of Education For The Children. Our integrated approach means that you can support an individual student’s educational, hygiene, nutritional and psychological needs.

Sponsorships are available for students at every stage. From the littlest ‘Prepa’ just starting out, to a student hoping to be the first in their family to ever attend university.

What does it mean to be a sponsor?

We provide written or video updates, and should you wish, you have the opportunity to send messages, videos or even visit Guatemala to meet your student and their family in-person. If you have a family of your own, sponsorship is a great way to introduce your children to a different culture, language and the life-changing power of supporting each-other.

We know how busy life is, so if you'd prefer not to receive updates, there’s also the option to contribute monthly without being allocated a student.

What types of sponsorship are available?

School of Hope Co-Sponsorships - from just £3 a month. Contribute towards sponsorship for a student whose costs aren’t currently fully covered in one of the Primary and Middle School categories below.

School of Hope Primary and Middle School Sponsorships (Kindergarten to Middle School):

Nutrition (£13 a month) - provides two nutritious meals each day, including morning snack and lunch along with fruit and vitamin-packed drinks. Your student is then ready and energised to learn every single day!

Education (£32.50 a month) - provides all learning materials, like pencils and notebooks as well as a contribution to the teacher's salary.

Full (£45.00 a month) - you will support both your student’s nutrition and education needs.

Class (£100 a month) - you will support an entire class with additional creative materials and technological equipment to aid classroom learning. Plus, a contribution to ongoing teacher training.

Further Education Sponsorships - (studying outside of the tuition-free School of Hope):

Materials and uniform (£15 a month) - contributes towards books, and specific course materials an advanced student needs throughout the year. Plus a school uniform contribution required for highschoolers.

Tuition Fees (£35 a month) - This is a combination of tuition and inscription fees, along with any special events they need to attend.

Full Further Education (£50 a month) - this supports your student’s tuition, materials and uniform needs.

Through other funding, all our students have access to EFTC social support including comprehensive mental health services.

Sponsor a student now

What do our students think about their sponsors?

“Thank you for helping me understand that my education is so important. I hope that we continue to be friends in the future.“
– Flor Yolanda, 16 years old

“I have known my madrina for many years and she is someone who cares very much for me. She respects me and I have a lot of respect for her. We are friends and she is part of my family.”
– Omar, 10 years old

“You have been helping me since I was a child. Thanks to you, I am who I am now“
- Pablo Josue, 17 years old

“My madrina has a lot of kindness and I like playing with her. She loves me and I love her.”
– Berta Estefania, 9 years old

If you want further details about what is like to be a sponsor, then why not take a read of our frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions about sponsoring one of our students then please contact us via