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Partners in Guatemala

We’ve proven time and time again that many minds and hands make light work. Throughout the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, our emergency hamper project brings together local suppliers, businesses and NGOs. We turned a complex web of needs into a smooth distribution operation with more diverse products than we could have hoped for, from diapers to masks; to disinfectant and eggs. We look for like minded partners who become part of our team and meaningfully contribute:


Garden of Hope
Founded by former prepa teacher, Claire Henkel, they provide safe green spaces and environmental education including a weekly after-school garden programme and workshops during summer school. 

Teachers 2 Teachers
Provide maths workshops, teacher observations, and coaching. Throughout Guatemala and at The School of Hope maths is the weakest academic subject so their digital training support is invaluable.



Rekko 8 (healthcare administrator)

provide specialized medical services beyond the scope of our school nurse.

Maia Impact

young women leading transformational change

Escuela Integrada
The school shares best practices and soccer matches with neighbouring local school, Escuela Integrada

Asociación Antigua
Provide health and social preventative campaigns including drug and alcohol abuse counselling.

Oficina de la Mujer
Provide therapy, legal counselling and other services to student's mothers.







Provide culturally appropriate/sensitive sexual reproductive health training to teachers and students

Provide sex education workshops, counselling, and contraceptive advice to our students.




Lead up
Provides horse therapy workshops to small groups of teenage students who benefit from calm and peaceful leadership methods to reduce violence.






Ready, set, go!
Provide a student football mentorship program. Life skills and conflict resolution methods are taught through football.