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Entrepreneurship Programme

Our entrepreneurship programme in conjunction with Project Apoyo creates opportunities for our most creative, determined and self-reliant students.  The programme facilitates our students' need to earn while also having the flexibility to continue their education and learn valuable skills.

Proof that we make things happen, even in the midst of a pandemic, the pilot programme launched in mid 2020 and we've just toasted the success of our third entrepreneur. 

Students are chosen based on their passion, experience, and general high achievement. In order to receive the start-up grants, prospective entrepreneurs submit business proposals for consideration. For successful applicants, our Careers Adviser, Diana works closely with them, facilitating procurement, business planning advice and finding community mentors.

For their businesses' first three years, they report back regularly and so are fully supported as their entrepreneurial life begins.

Our first three entrepreneurs:

Kimberly, who is studying fashion design at university, has set up a seamstress shop in her home where she both makes and fixes clothes. Due to the pandemic, her main market has been mask creation. She has even made 974 masks for School of Hope students.

Guadalupe opened a delivery crepe restaurant out of her home. She has a lot of prior professional experience including working for EFTC for 2 years and working at a local creperie. Thus far she has focused on delivering near her home and offering her services for birthday parties and other celebrations.

Adolfo has made his ice cream parlour dream a delicious reality.  We've helped him to secure premises in Jocotenango and bring it to life. His new business, Ana Cream, is now full of his hard work and handmade ice creams.

Find out more about all of our entrepreneurs: