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  1. Graduation 2018


    Yet again a ceremony of mixed emotions. Our graduations are a time for both celebration and reflection.

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  2. Serving our one millionth meal


    The School of Hope served it’s millionth meal today to our well deserving students, with the support of Greenyard UK.

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  3. Employing our first school nurse


    Celena has became the first nurse the school has ever had. She is also a fantastic example of perseverance, as Celena began her journey with the Foundation almost 10 years ago, when she enrolled in our middle school!

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  4. A new sports pitch - thanks to the UEFA Foundation


    Thank to the generosity of UEFA the construction of EFTC´s all-weather Sports Pitch has been made possible. This Sports Pitch has been a dream of the Foundation for years and with the amazing donation of £32k from UEFA at the start of 2017 this dream has become a reality.

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  5. Cycling for a future: Wheels4life


    Thanks to the amazing supporters of the fantastic NGO, Wheels4Life, this year we received 50 new bicycles for our students.

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  6. Carlos Escalante, An Outstanding Student despite the odds


    “Even by helping only one person with their education, here in Guatemala, we are making a real difference”. Carlos Escalante.

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  7. Our volunteers are love in motion


    Each year EFTC receives over 150 volunteers. They vary in age, language, and nationality. Many of them are hopeful college students who come to trade textbooks for concrete experiences. While others are retired individuals happy for a chance to give back now that they have the time and opportunity.

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  8. Ana Lara: The Importance of Empowerment


    The task for our Youth Empowerment and Leadership Coordinator, Ana Lara, is to motivate our older students, to ‘empower’ them and teach them the skills that will help them overcome the many obstacles they will face in life.

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  9. Gracia Anderson's life changing experience in Guatemala


    For me going to Antigua Guatemala to volunteer at Proyecto La Esperanza was literally a life changing experience.

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  10. Doorway to the Future - John Niland


    The buzz was palpable. Arriving at the school for opening day, I walked into scenes of eager preparation: PA being tested, key speakers rehearsing, all the scurry of preparation and anticipation.

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