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NGO in Guatemala breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education

Guatemala’s constitution states that every citizen has the universal right to healthcare. The reality is that as much as 40% of the population doesn't have access to healthcare.

Very few funds are allocated to healthcare within Guatemala; healthcare spending is one of the lowest in Central America at only 2.6% of the GDP. There's a doctor-patient ratio of 1:1,000 when the World Health Organization recommends 1:600, which creates a considerable gap between medical need and supply.

One of our main goals is to give our families access to healthcare and medicines through partnerships with non-profit health centers such as Buckner and Rekko that provide free or low cost medical attention as well as medicines. Visiting professionals administer regular health checks to ensure that all our children are well. Students and their families receive healthcare essentials at the school, from toothpaste and toothbrushes to hearing aids, glasses and life-saving operations.

healthcare 592 students
and their families have received health care


Our Programmes

Awareness and Prevention Campaigns

Height and Weight Measurements
In Guatemala, nutritional deficiencies have been shown to severely impact the growth and development of children both physically and mentally. A consequence of malnutrition and undernourishment is the degradation of cognitive performance and poor learning outcomes. 
We check all of our students' weight and size twice a year to measure the impact of our nutritional programme.

child student measurement height healthcare
Oral Health

We work on making toothbrushing a regular habit for all our students. They receive brushes at the school twice a year and use them everyday. A dentist comes to the school once a week to check on our students and perform any necessary procedures. She also gives workshops to students and their parents to create awareness about the need for good oral hygiene.
Health Checks

We perform health checks throughout the year to detect illnesses that could be difficult to treat if not found early on. General health checks are done at least twice a year with the support 
of two groups of volunteer physicians and nurses. Depending on the availability of the volunteers, we either choose students who need immediate medical attention or we offer it to the entire student body and their families.
child healthcare student heatlh check
Workshops for Parents

This programme is designed to raise awareness and start a conversation about topics in which family members and students are the main agents of change. We aim to encourage good decision making and the development of skills for social transformation. The topics discussed are broad and include: child abuse, hygiene and sexuality. This programme is meant to supplement the students' education from Kindergarten to Scholarship level.
healthcare workshop school of hope
Psychological Support

The Psychology department plays a fundamental role in the mental health of our students. The current issues faced by disadvantaged Guatemalans coupled with the lack of coping strategies in the community bring about serious emotional conflicts, many of which can become an obstacle for students' academic development. Through the Psychology department, we support the following activities:

Individual Therapy: provides one-on-one support during difficult situations. We offer at least 10 to 12 sessions for up to 30 patients at a time. In 2016, we started a partnership with Rafael Landivar University through which we gained the support of interns, allowing us to treat up to 60 patients at a time. In 2015, we had a total 150 patients in individual therapy.

Support Groups: due to the high demand for therapy sessions, we've created support groups with different topics and strategies, such as: art therapy, leadership, and sport psychology. Support groups are made up of 10 to 15 students that gather two hours a week.


We work in partnership with other organizations:

According to UNICEF, 'the most perilous risk for children in Guatemala is exposure to violence'. Lead-up's mission is to reduce violence in the community by forming Peaceful Leaders through lessons learned from horses. Our students benefit by discovering the positive consequences of assertive yet peaceful leadership, and this has had a huge impact on the children's behaviour. After the workshops, a significant improvement in students' negative attitude was reported by parents, teachers and students themselves.
SERniña provides a girl-centered program to our school, one that allows girls to discover and develop their sense of identity, self-esteem, inner-strength and self respect, so they feel confident to make informed life choices and empowered to reach their full potential. Participants are guided to develop tools they need to successfully navigate the challenges every girl and woman faces today, including body image, the influence of society and gender roles, how to self-advocate, goal-setting, formation of healthy relationships, and the ability to be captain of her own ship.

Wings creates opportunities for families to improve their lives through family planning education and access to reproductive health services. This wonderful NGO comes regularly to our school to teach workshops to students and their families and offers women affordable birth control options that they wouldn't otherwise have access to. Some of our students are involved in the Youth Leader programme, through which they can become health promoters in their communities.

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 Social Services




By making a contribution, small or large, you can improve a child's life.


Donate your skills and help the Foundation in the UK, USA or at the school in Guatemala.


For a small regular contribution you can reach out to a child in need.

Contact us

Whether you'd like to hear about upcoming events, volunteer with us, help raise funds for the children in Guatemala or just talk about EFTC's work- we’d love to hear from you!

Whether you’d like to hear about upcoming challenges, volunteer or visit the school in Guatemala or just have a chat about EFTC’s work- we’d love to hear from you!

Whether you’d like to hear about upcoming events, volunteer with us, help raise funds for the children in Guatemala or just have a chat about EFTC’s work- we’d love to hear from you!

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