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NGO in Guatemala breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education

Our Grand(ish) Tour Sweepstake is THE MOST FUN YOU CAN GET FOR A TENNER this May. FACT.

Tina Rawlins, Michelle Fischer and Boo Somers dressed as the infamous PR girls from Absolutely Fabulous.

Would you pay £10 to see EFTC’s Boo Somers and Michelle Fischer dressed as Patsy and Edina from Ab Fab, attempting to drive their ‘Bollimobile’ to France and back? Who knows what will happen? Maybe they will be arrested, accosted or propositioned by a French gendarme…


Or maybe you’d pay £10 to see our chairman, Dave McKee, and his dog, dressed as Che Guevara getting lost in France.
Then there’s Rover the labrador who wears a trilby, shades and black suit who may or may not be accompanying Richard Singleton and ‘Booze John’ as they drive blindfold around the Abbeville circuit... 
Just chose your team and pay your £10 sweepstake bet HERE.
Not only will your money go to a great cause, it will also provide encouragement to these brave and crazy guys who have agreed to dress up, pimp up their old wrecks and spend two days on a wacky scavenger hunt between Nottingham and Le Touquet.
All you have to do is email us with your choice of team (listed below) and send £10 to EFTC.
If you back the winner then you’ll immediately be entered into the raffle to win a bottle of Bollinger.
If you back the loser you win:
  • A pair of tights worn by Dave McKee.
  • A signed photo of ‘Joanna Lumley’  (a picture we already have, signed by Michelle/Patsy).
Here’s the running list:
1. The Ab Fab ‘Bollimobile’
Michelle Fischer, Boo Somers and Tina Rawlins dressed as the infamous PR girls from Absolutely Fabulous. They will be driving their ‘Bollimobile’ to France whilst smoking, swearing, flirting and generally behaving badly.
Chance of winning : medium
They might not be able to mend their car if it breaks down, but they should be able to persuade ‘a very nice man’ to give them some ‘roadside assistance’
2. The Bridgford Baguette Boyz
Stuart Rye and his team of moustachio’d French onion sellers from FSE Ltd in West Bridgford.  These guys are seriously organised. They were first to get their team kitted out and their car sponsored. They’ve been on Page 3 of the local newspaper!
Chance of winning : Very high
They have team spirit, they have baguettes, they are blokes.
However….can they cope with the garlic fumes in a confined space?

3. Booker T and the MG (Rover)s
Richard Singleton, Booze John and their trusty hound, Rover, are so cool in their suits and shades with their rusty old MG Rover.. Apparently Booker T and the MGs actually took part in the film The Blues Brothers - hence the outfits.
Chance of winning : High
Ex-Rover Apprentice of the Year (1971) and long-suffering boyfriend of Michelle Fischer, Richard knows a thing or two about cars and about how to deal with old wrecks….
However, Rover is rubbish at map reading and will Booze John just head for the nearest bistro in Calais?
4. Che Guevara and the Revolutionaries
Another ‘barking’ team. Dave Mckee, well known businessman and, dare we say, ‘capitalist’, has chosen the theme of Che and the Revolutionaries! His dog will be dressed as his nemesis Che Guevara and his team members as revolutionaries.
Chance of winning : Low
Navigator Dawn suffers from ‘ directional dyslexia’, so Dave will be relying on ‘Che’ for directions.  Maybe he’ll be able to get some help from the French proletariat instead?
5. The Three Stooges
The team from COP have chosen to go vintage. Still a bit of a mystery at the moment, but clearly there are three of them and none of them are dogs.
Chance of winning : Fair to High
None of them are dogs, that must surely be a good sign.
6. Dennis's Menacers
Malcolm Richards, a long suffering supporter of Aston Villa[aka relegation station who are forever striving for mediocrity], will be getting up to all kinds of capers in their beano mobile. Maybe we’ll get to meet Gnasher,  Roger the Dodger or even Billy the Whizz.        
Chance of Winning: Fair to Middling
'Catch us if you can'
7. The Beat-Alls
Three cool cats, Tom Meeks, Sanjave Chahal and Clive Hallam with a shot of rhythm and blues will be driving circles around everyone else here, there and everywhere. In spite of all the dangers, it won't be long until they will be taking on this magical mystery tour down the long and winding road. With a little help from their friends and their old brown shoes these boys are sure to win.
Chance of winning : High
As long as these boys have had their bacon there will be no stopping them.
8) The HD Techies
They may have joined late but they will be sure to be ahead in no time. It’s still a mystery as to what their car will be, but it’s sure to be efficient and effective, so why not back them?  At least he’s not taking any dogs, wearing high heels or attempting to play music at the wheel...
Chance of winning : Very high
Read More About EFTC's 2017 Grand(ish) Tour here:


Education for the Children Foundation runs the School of Hope
in Guatemala, and our doors are always open to those looking
to volunteer their time for a good cause.

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By making a contribution, small or large, you can improve a child's life.


Donate your skills and help the Foundation in the UK, USA or at the school in Guatemala.


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Contact us

Whether you'd like to hear about upcoming events, volunteer with us, help raise funds for the children in Guatemala or just talk about EFTC's work- we’d love to hear from you!

Whether you’d like to hear about upcoming challenges, volunteer or visit the school in Guatemala or just have a chat about EFTC’s work- we’d love to hear from you!

Whether you’d like to hear about upcoming events, volunteer with us, help raise funds for the children in Guatemala or just have a chat about EFTC’s work- we’d love to hear from you!

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